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C3 Media’s core values

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Creativity isn’t just a word to us, it’s how we view our whole business. Our goal is to find the best creative solutions to all of our client’s problems and concerns.


Credibility is equal parts expertise and trust. We strive to use the first to help us build the second.

Customer Centric

We want to help you, through every step of the process, to ensure that you are thrilled with our creative solution to your marketing objective.


Our greatest desire is to unite our client’s objectives with our creativity, always remembering to put the client’s needs ahead of our own.


We strive to continue building credibility as a strategic business partner through our creative thinking and vast network of resources.

What we do.

We serve as a business partner that uses creative thinking at the core of our solutions. We utilize various Marketing channels to help our clients become more successful.

Creative Design

Print Design
Digital Design
Identity Design
Environmental Design
Motion Graphics

Website Development

Website Design
Website Management
Technical Management

Digital Marketing

E-mail Marketing
Social Media

Traditional Advertising

Direct Mail
Media Buying


Print Fulfillment
Promotional Fulfillment
Video Production
Commercial Production
Product Portal

What we have done.

The following works showcase projects with various challenges, who they were for, and how we’ve solved them. We may have other projects in our vaults that cater more towards what you are looking for. Just ask us. If we don’t, just know that there is a first for everything and we are always up for the challenge.

Get to know the team.

The foundation of any company is its employees. Our foundation is strong. We are a very diverse group of people, but the one thing that brings us together is our love of helping people. We strive, every day, to make our commonality a reality.

Christopher Koch

Christopher Koch


Without Chris, C3 would be non-existent. He develops creative solutions to match the goals of our clients. Chris loves developing relationships with our clients, ensuring that anything that comes from our agency exceeds the client’s standard.

Will Caban

Will Caban

Creative Account Manager

Will has extensive background in project management, design, and process development. He takes amazing creative work from our team, and makes sure that those designs are perfect from actual design to implementation.

Melissa Caban

Melissa Caban

Art Director

With 20+ years design experience, Melissa knows what it takes to design any piece a client may need. She has an eye for detail and wants to help our clients find unique and creative solutions to enhance our clients’ brand awareness and messaging.

Sarah Spratley

Sarah Spratley

Senior Graphic/Web Designer

With 15 years of experience Sarah provides creative and technical solutions for website structure, functionality, user experience, application integration and front-end design. Don't underestimate the power of web!

Anna Grinstead

Anna Grinstead

Graphic Designer

Anna is a print, web and motion designer who aims to bridge the gap between digital and physical processes. She has a passion for illustration and hand-lettering, which she brings into her work for added flair. With her knowledge of HTML/CSS, she helps the team optimize websites with custom coding, and can bring your story to life with eye-catching motion graphics.

Lloyd Woods

Lloyd Woods

Account Manager

Lloyd isn’t a designer, but he’s still a creative. He is our social media manager, our Google Analytics expert, our copywriter, and our SEO developer. With the help of the rest of the team, Lloyd is able to utilize his skills to make sure that our clients are receiving everything they need.

Alex Schulke

Alex Schulke

Digital Content Strategist

Alex uses analytical data, research, and creativity to develop and execute appropriate content for social media, Google ads, SEO, and email marketing initiatives. With her knowledge in marketing practices in the digital landscape, she assists the team in measuring and analyzing what is working and what isn’t with regard to the brand’s content marketing efforts and goals. Alex is a graduate of the University of South Florida, has been dancing for 19 years, and loves to attend music and arts festivals.

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