New Life Village

New Life Village is committed to providing a supportive environment, within an intergenerational community, for children in need of a safe and stable family experience. We are so proud to work with a local non-profit that is doing incredible things in our community, helping with any and all marketing needs they have.

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Creative Design, Network</li>

Identity Design

When we first came into contact with New Life Village, we wanted to give the branding a little face-lift. We did this by first refreshing their logo, and then creating new letterhead and business cards with a brighter, energetic, and more youthful look and feel. We had to ensure that we were keeping their mission to help at-risk kids find stable homes at the forefront while designing. We’re thrilled with how it came out!

Print Design

<p style=”text-align: right;”>After the new look and feel was updated, we wanted to create something really special for New Life Village; something more than a standard tri-fold brochure. We decided to go with a stepped brochure with tabs on the side, making it easier for sponsors and potential residents to navigate to the topics that interest them. This also gave the piece a little more life and to made it memorable. Brochures like this do end up taking a little bit more time to complete, but the end result speaks for itself!</p>

Environmental Design

Having completed a brand update and a leave-behind, we knew the next step was to brighten up the Village itself with signage. We created a series of pole banners to hang throughout the Village, greeting residents and potential sponsors when they arrive. These banners serve a dual purpose: they make the Village more beautiful, carry their branding throughout, and provide space to let residents know who has been supporting them financially. Without the generosity of so many people, New Life Village wouldn’t be possible; so we wanted to make sure we gave them the recognition they deserve, while inspiring new sponsors to make a donation to their great cause.