Where to begin! C3 Media, Inc. has been a long supporter and partner for our Tampa nonprofit. In that time, Chris Koch and his team have helped to shape many key elements of our communication strategy. From graphical assets expertly designed to consultative support as we explore new avenues to expand our promotion, they always go to great lengths to ensure what is created exceeds our expectations. We are especially grateful for the quickness in response to a question or concern that might come up, which provides great peace-of-mind when things are particularly active for our organization. Without a doubt, we are looking forward to the many years to come working with C3 Media!

thumb Evan Smith
June 24, 2022

C3 Media is a perfect choice for your marketing, PR, or printing needs. The C3 team not only services their clients in a timely, efficient, and effective manner but they will also assist you with planning and strategy to ensure any campaign you have planned will be a huge success. I highly recommend them.

thumb Tony Laforgia
June 20, 2022

C3 Media is the best partner for all things print and graphic design! I couldn't do my job without them and really love how above and beyond they go with every aspect of the business. We highly recommend them!

thumb Bolay Restaurant
June 20, 2022

C3 Media has a fantastic team to help any business grow their online presents, web design, and any other marketing efforts that may be needed. The team is extremely professional and will make whatever physical business you are in grow virtually. They also have an amazing eye for creative design and the ability to make a simple idea into a master piece. Thank you for all the help and great customer service.

thumb justin valdes
February 25, 2022

Riverside Recovery has worked with C3 Media for over two years and couldn't be happier. Chris has guided us through numerous TV, billboard, and radio campaigns with ease. He's very responsive, knowledgable, and so easy to work with. Again, I can't recommend enough!!

thumb Jotham Fady
January 24, 2022