Creative design process

Coming up with a creative piece for your company doesn’t happen overnight. As with anything in this world, creative design work has a process. Everyone agency does things a little bit differently, but this is what we at C3 have found works for us and our clients.

Meet with Client

Define The Problem

It all starts with a meeting. We need to know what it is our client is looking for, their budget, and we need to learn about the company we are designing for.

Creative Design Quote/Proposal

After we have a thorough understanding of what it is the client is after, we go back and formulate a proposal that fits their budget and gives them what they ask for!


C3 doesn’t go into any job without background information. What is the competition is doing? What are your brand guidelines? Does the piece need stock imagery? So much needs to be researched before a job actually begins.

Sketches & Design

This is where we begin hand sketching out the design(s) on paper, and where they really start to come to life. We take the research and information from the client, and the design commences. Once the hand sketches are done, we bring them to the computer to create our “concept.”


Initial proof (v1) for client to review
(8 Business Days)

Our solution is ready to share with the client. We have labored through the research and sketching; we can finally present.

Feedback from Client

Once the client sees the first concept, and thoroughly review it, they provide revisions, changes, and comments.


Second (v2) &third (v3) proofs
(2-4 Business Days)

Taking the feedback into consideration, we take our original concept and tweak it to the client’s specifications. After two revision rounds are over, we share our third and final proof.

Final Proof for Approval

This is where the client approves the final design. After this round, if more revisions need to be made, the client is charged at our current hourly rate, in addition to the agreed upon rate in the proposal.

Final Files

Sent directly to printer/publication or client
(1 Business Day)

The client is sent final print or digital ready file. It’s that simple!