Website design process

Coming up with a robust website for your company doesn’t happen overnight. As with anything in this world, website design work has a process. Everyone agency does things a little bit differently, but this is what we at C3 have found works for us and our clients.

Meet with Client

Define The Problem

It all starts with an initial meeting with the client. C3 wants to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Website Design Quote/Proposal

Once the client and C3 have an understanding on what the problem is, C3 will draft a proposal and a quote for the client to review and sign.

Website Setup

At this point, C3 will draft a wireframe, select a few website templates, begin collecting content, and set up the hosting for the client’s website. This process takes about 7 business days. When this is completed, all information will be shared with the client for their approval.

Website Development

This is where the rubber meets the road. C3 will begin designing and formatting the client’s website. The website development phase takes about 20 business days to complete.

First Presentation of Website

Initial proof (v1) for client to review
(5 Business Days)

Our solution is ready to share with the client. We have labored through the research and sketching; we can finally present.

Feedback from Client

Once the client sees the first concept, and thoroughly review it, they provide revisions, changes, and comments.


Second (v2) &third (v3) proofs
(5-10 Business Days)

After hearing feedback from the client, C3 will go into the website and make the changes. C3 offers two rounds of revisions, and 3 proofs, with the 3rd proof being the final version before we begin to charge the client at our current hourly rate.

Website Goes Live

After all the revisions are finalized and approved by the client, C3 will begin the go-live process. The client’s website will finally be able to do what it’s supposed to do: grow the client’s company.

Grace Period

Monitoring the bugs
(10 Business Days)

For the next 10 business days, C3 offers a “grace period” where we monitor the site to make sure everything is functioning correctly. If anything is wrong with the site, C3 will fix it.