Creative design

Design and layout are the core elements of your marketing campaign. Creative design in any form is about communication. Good design has a clear call to action, impactful graphics, and leaves an impression. Poor design can muddle the brand, leave a bad impression, and possibly send your customer to your competition. Creative design is vital to the success of any marketing campaign. At C3 Media our design experience represents itself. It’s what we do best. It’s what we love.


Print design, a subset of graphic design, is a form of visual communication used to communicate information to your target audience. The goal of print design is to use visual graphics to communicate a specific message to viewers. People regularly encounter print designs as they move throughout their day, making this area of graphic design important to efforts like brand marketing and advertising campaigns. With over 20 years of experience, our designers keep this in mind as they concept your branded marketing materials.


Digital design is a general term that is more relevant now than ever before. Put simply, any kind of design that appears in a digital format (on an app or website), rather than in print (on a physical page), is considered digital design. Another thing that makes digital design different from print design is the role of data and analytics. Some popular formats of digital design are display ads and email marketing campaigns.


Are you a new company looking to create a brand? Or are you an existing company looking to rebrand yourself? We can help you with either process. C3 Media uses insights such as color, typography, iconography, and messaging during the conception of your brand. We would develop the look and feel of your company with a logo, stationery package, and website.


Environmental graphic design is an extension of your brand experience through the design of the interior and exterior spaces. It’s a way to bring tangible form to how people experience your brand. Spaces that are prime candidates for this include: corporate headquarters, retail spaces, hospitals, schools, universities, sports venues, and anywhere else people are engaged within a space. These brand spaces use graphic elements or designs to create brand stories through messaging, color, imagery, and typography that align with your company.


Motion graphics are creative design elements where animation is a major component. Need an educational whiteboard video about your product or services? Make an impact on social media, your website, and presentations. Content is king, and video has taken first place. Motion graphics will be the creative direction you want to take.


Let’s set your brand apart from the competition