Have you thought about a content strategy plan for your business? It is important to consider the information and content your target audience would enjoy learning and reading about in order to get the engagement you are looking for. However, the distribution plan of the content sometimes becomes an afterthought or does not get considered at all! C3 Media has a useful tool that will help you plan and map out the distribution of content. It is called the “Hum Sing Shout Model.”  This is all about creating a structured plan for your content distribution. There are three types of distribution patterns you should keep in mind:
  1. “Hum” – this content is always on. What are the conversations and topics that we want to always be having with our potential customers?
  2. “Sing” – building on top of ‘hum’ conversations are the small campaigns that we want to ‘sing.’ These might be points in the year where you have a different product update or a new product series where you want to elevate your voice a little bit more in-market and probably want to reach a slightly bigger audience.
  3. “Shout” – building on top of the ‘sing’ moments are those big ‘shout’ moments, such as big campaigns throughout the year that you really want to emphasize. These can be big annual events where you’re trying to reach a large amount of people or rebrands.
If your team starts thinking in terms of these three distribution types, you can begin to structure your content and plan ahead. Call C3 Media today if you are ready to put strategy behind your content.