A landing page is exactly what is sounds like: a web page people “land” on when they click an ad, a link, or are redirected from another site. Landing pages become extremely important when running ads, especially Google Ads and Social Media Ads. Customers want to have a cohesive journey, and not become confused, so it’s important to lead them down a path that makes sense and ends in a place where action can be taken (your landing page).

For both Google and Facebook Ads, it is paramount that you are using a landing page that matches both the tone and look and feel of your ad. You want the potential customer to feel your brand, and you want to make it easy for them to understand what it is you are trying to get them to do. More specifically, for Google Ads, Google will actually grade your ad experience, taking the page you are directing your customers to into account, and will either punish you or reward you with a relevance score that determines how many people will actually see the ad.

But how do you make a good landing page? It starts with your Call to Action. That first and foremost needs to be clear and concise. Your landing page should probably look like any other page on your website, just tailor fit to the message you are trying to get across in whatever ad or ad group you are running. Additionally, the Call to Action should be actionable on the landing page. This could include a form fill, a donation button, or the ability to print/save a coupon.

Overall, landing pages are important, if not necessary for every digital ad you are trying to run. If you need help drafting or creating a landing page, check out our contact page to set up a phone call!