Geotargeting has been a buzz word for marketers since it’s conception. But does it really work? Does it actually have value for your business? In short: yes. It works. And yes, your company can most likely benefit from it.

Geo-targeting doesn’t have to be done on a massive scale, where you have different versions of your website depending on what part of the world the user is visiting from. It can be as simple as pushing ads out to people who are visiting your competitors’ locations, or retargeting people who have been to yours!

One of the best examples of a geotargeting success story is Groupon. Think about it. Groupon shares local deals with you, wherever you are. They curate what you see based on where you are, ensuring you are getting the best deal for whatever it is you want to do. In just two years, Groupon had over 35 million registered users, all because of their state of the art geotargeting strategy.

But what can we learn from this? How does this relate to your local non-profit? Or your small business? It shows that geotargeting works. It shows that people in certain locations are looking for certain things. We can take advantage of this, and through strategy, we can serve up ads to these people, and get them to do what we want them to do: purchase our goods or services.

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