Have you considered taking your company’s marketing efforts to the next level but struggle with creating content? Or maybe your business is considering hiring a marketing agency but want to make sure they know who you are and what your company is all about. Or, you are a marketer or designer looking for the ultimate content gathering tool to help streamline the information- and content-gathering phase.

Whether you or your agency are creating content for a website, the brand design, social media, or digital/traditional marketing ads, there is information and content that must be gathered and discussed prior to the creation phase. Let’s face it, the content gathering could get messy really fast. Sometimes we leave a discovery meeting remembering that we forgot to ask or discuss a vital bit of information! The professionals at C3 Media have developed the Client Discovery & Content Guide to make the information-gathering and idea-creation phase quick, efficient, and simple – and it’s FREE.

Using this tool will generate:

    • Solid understanding of the brand
    • Clear direction of the marketing goals and campaign objectives
    • A central resource for pulling in the necessary information
    • Higher quality of content
    • Reduced time on revisions
    • Consistency across all marketing efforts
    • Increased trust in the work

+ Bonus infographics illustrating the work process for each marketing service!

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