These uncertain times have been challenging in almost every aspect of our lives. It seems like our country is having to push the reset button. We’ve been examining our history, our present, and our future. We don’t love where we’ve been and see so many ways to move forward into a new normal.

Today, I want to take some time to look at what that new normal can become, and why it’s so important for us to live in the moment. Honestly, living in the moment has been something I have been a proponent for for some time. I think it just took a global pandemic for people to get on board. But, how do we live in the moment? How do we focus on what’s going on right now instead of worrying about what has happened or will happen?

As with most things in life, it is much easier said than done, but I’m going to give you five key steps to begin living in the moment.

  1. Stop thinking about the past.
I know. Crazy concept right, but if we stop focusing on what happenED, we can begin to focus on what is happenING.

  1. Savor the present. Don’t worry about the future.
Again, much easier said than done. But it is so important for us to savor what is going on right now than to worry about what MIGHT happen.

  1. To make the most of your time, lose track of it.
When we lose track of time, we become so consumed in what we are doing. Strive to lose track of time by focusing so hard on what you’re currently doing that it consumes you.

  1. If something is bothering you, move towards it rather than away from it.
Anxious about something? Attack it. Don’t want to do that big project? Wake up early and knock it out first thing. When we worry about our future, we often overthink the task in front of us. When we are doing that task or in the middle of what we thought was going to be a massive headache, 99% of the time its not nearly as bad as we thought. So get after it!

  1. Know that you don’t know.
As humans, we can’t know everything. And that’s ok. We have to accept that and be ok with it. When we accept that we can’t be omniscient, we become less anxious about the things we don’t know.