A couple of years ago, I was working as an intern for a small company located in Gainesville, Florida. One of my main responsibilities was drumming up some sort of content and posting it to the company’s Facebook Page. This company wasn’t huge, but they weren’t small either; if I remember correctly, they had around 5,000 Facebook Followers.

After a month or two of regular posting, I was getting a little disappointed that I wasn’t getting as many reactions and engagement to the posts as I would have liked. I did some research and found that a few things could be going wrong: the content might not be good enough to elicit a reaction, the post might not be being shown to the right people, and/or the content isn’t being shown to the entirety of the company’s audience.

I wanted to fix any and all of these problems for the company, so I did an entire overhaul of content; I mean we completely pivoted. We started to use more imagery and color and a more playful voice that you can get away with on Facebook.

And we started boosting our most engaged with posts. Not only did this help us tremendously, our spend was extremely low (about $50/month).  We found out quickly that by boosting our most popular posts, out followers were more likely to see the post, more likely to engage with the post, and in turn, more likely to see our future posts thanks to the Facebook algorithm.

It worked. Not only did our engagement go up; our follower base rose, our notifications tab was going crazy with likes, comments, and shares, and my boss was happy.

Boosting posts on Facebook won’t solve all of your engagement issues, but if you are able to focus on your content and ensure that it is content people like and want to see, boosting that can ensure that the right people see it. When you marry the two (good content, and a well-timed boosted post) great things can come.

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