Four years ago, after designing menus, a website, and restaurant collateral for Scooter’s Saloon, we noticed that they needed something to get their name out there in the world. Scooter’s mainly relied on word of mouth marketing and bike night events. While these are two big components for their launch, we wanted to prepare them for mass media advertising. We decided to go ahead and mock something up for them to take a look at, and the “saucesome” campaign was born. We were ready to move onto the next step in Scooter’s marketing plan. We wanted to raise local awareness of their “saucesome” food. They immediately saw the value in our creative approach but rolling out ideas can come with a cost that isn’t always planned for. Unfortunately, Scooter’s was not able to bring the campaign to fruition. The decision is ultimately up to the client on what projects they will invest in—always has been, always will be. It’s all part of the business. And we embrace it. But that doesn’t mean we can’t keep coming up with new ideas to help our clients.