Solomon, Vigh & Springer, P.A.

Solomon, Vigh & Springer, P.A. is a law firm that represents creditors throughout the state of Florida. Their law staff understands that financial hard times fall upon good people and we seek compassionate and creative ways to explore reasonable resolutions for both clients and their customers.

  • Services:

    Creative Design, Website Development

Identity Design

We started by designing a new logo for Solomon, Vigh & Springer, P.A. that combined the traditional law firm look with a modern edge. The color palette is muted to provide a serious and bold tone, while the contrasting thick and thin strokes and wide serifs of the typeface are sleek and modern, keep the design from becoming too heavy.

Website Development

Solomon, Vigh & Springer, P.A. was in need of an online presence. Our solution was a WordPress-based website. The website is clean and professional, and at the same time it keeps up with current design trends. We were able to create a corporate identity for the company with a website that stood out from competitors. The colors used in the logo were translated to the website and blend together nicely.