Online shopping and advancements in smartphones have made it almost impossible for businesses to survive without an online presence. Customers use their phones to search the Internet for the products and services they need, but they could miss your business if you’re not online or don’t have the right type of website. Your website needs to represent your business, meet your business objectives, and quickly engage your target audience. Read on to learn about the types of websites C3 Media helps their clients create and you’ll be able to pick one that’s right for you.

  Corporate. A corporate website is developed to engage with target customers in a conversation about why your business is the one that they want. Customers can really get your businesses whole story on a corporate website in a way that social media can’t. Corporate should have an about page, details on how to find you, and other crucial facts about your business.

eCommerce. If you need a website that directly sells a product or service then you should use an eCommerce website. Customers can add products and services into their cart and pay for them through the website. This type of website helps businesses reach customers outside of their physical store location, expanding their target audience. The added convenience for customers can encourage them to shop from your website more often.

Fundraising/Nonprofit. Nonprofit websites tend to be more simplified than other websites. The goal is to inform customers what their nonprofit is about and to let them know how they can get involved, donate, or show support in other ways. These websites will also have a database to collect information like email addresses of customers interested in the nonprofit. This function is then used to keep those customers informed through newsletters.

Events. The purpose of an event website is to inform the customer of the event. Information included on an event website should be a description of the event, location, date, time, call to action, social proof, and how to purchase tickets. It’s important for the website to help the customer through the decision-making process and ultimately get them to choose to go to the event.

Brochure. A brochure website is categorized as one of the simplest. They typically only have a few pages and are better for small businesses that only need a simple online presence. The goal is to give an overview of your business and tell customers how to get in contact with you. Brochure websites are more cost-effective than other websites and rarely need to be updated.

Portfolio. Portfolio websites are used for writers, artists, designers, and photographers to showcase their work. This type of website will allow you to show off your work with detailed descriptions. Customers will be able to conveniently browse through your work and make decisions to work with you based on it. The website works to get your name and work out to the world for potential clients to see.

With so many websites types to choose from it can be overwhelming. However, with a clear understanding of the types of sites, you can figure out which one your business would most benefit from. There are also amazing companies like C3 Media that can help you with that decision and manage your future website.