This Earth Day, we wanted to share a little about some people that are truly making a difference for our Earth right here in our backyard. Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful is Tampa Bay’s local Keep America Beautiful Affiliate. If you don’t mind, we want to brag a little bit about what they have accomplished, because it truly is remarkable. They have planted over 4,100 plants, gardens, trees and shrubs. They have removed over 525,000 pounds of litter and debris on our beaches, by our river, and throughout Tampa Bay. They have completed over 980 projects all focused on keeping our city beautiful. How do they do this? With the help of over 17,000 volunteers all coming together for their common goal.

Now that we’re done bragging, all we can really do is say thank you to KTBB. Thank you for allowing us to work with an organization that is doing so much good. We have been humbled by the successes of this non-profit. And we cannot wait to see how they continue to grow and beautify Tampa Bay. If you want to learn more about the work we did with KTBB, check it out here.

Passionate about saving our planet and want to see your city thrive? Volunteer with KTBB, or see if you have a local affiliate in your town. Go pick up cigarette butts and plastic bottles in your local waterway. Go help plant a garden or some trees in your local park. Go help.

Happy Earth Day, and here’s to many more.