If you own a business in today’s society, having an online presence is crucial to your success. But if your online presence is all over the place and does not follow a brand voice you will not succeed. It is important to develop your brand voice to build connections and trust with your customers and increase your revenue. Your customers will want to interact with you more by being friendly and those connections give you the chance to help solve their problems. Sharing your values with your customers consistently through your brand voice helps them further trust you. Harvard Business Review stated “64% of customers cited that shared values are the primary reason to trust a company, among those who said they have a brand relationship.” Keep reading below to learn how to develop your brand voice and how you should use it.

  1. Identify your brand promise and values
As the essence of your brand, your brand promise needs to be the backbone of how your organization interacts with all who come in contact with it. When creating content your brand promise should be vital in your decisions. Your values should be clear and align with your brand promise. Whenever communicating with customers keep your values in mind, as you should “practice what you preach.”

  1. Revise or purge your existing content
If your business is new or already established, it is important to make sure all searchable and available content about your brand aligns with your brand promise. If any content does not match up, you should purge it, as it could deter customers from not being consistent.

  1. Listen to your audience
Finding your tone of voice can begin by observing how your customers communicate with each other. By getting to know your audience first you can pick a tone that will speak directly to them. You can also ask your customers what they think about your business and how they would describe it. A quick survey can help you determine what is already resonating with your customers and why they use your company.

  1. Describe your brand in three words
By breaking down your brand into three words you can get to its true essence. These three words should be the mantra that all employees live by when making decisions regarding the business’s brand. Any time content is created for the company, it should be able to fall under one of if not all of the three descriptive words.

  1. Know where you stand on the scale
It’s easy to think about your tone of voice on a scale and determine where your business stands on it. Does your brand fall on the over-the-top funny end or the totally serious end? Is your brand going to be formal or more casual? When communicating with customers, will your brand be super enthusiastic or will it be more matter of fact? Determine where your company sits on these scales and be consistent.

  1. Look for inspiration
Don’t think you have to come up with your business’s brand voice all by yourself and organically. When finding your voice you should look to other businesses and observe their different voices. Figure out what companies are similar to yours and how they are talking to their customers. Some are goofy, some are sassy, and some are bland. Learn from their content and adjust it to fit your ideal voice and match your brand promise.

  1. Establish voice guidelines and document it all
Once you’ve settled on a clear brand voice you need to make sure it is consistent. All of your employees should be aware of the brand voice and believe in it, especially your content creators. By getting everyone on board and investing in brand guidelines, overtime they will become more comfortable with the brand voice and easily create content that aligns with the brand promise. By documenting and developing a style guide there is a standard for how to communicate to customers from your business and your brand voice will remain consistent.