We’ve all been there. We had a misprint of 10,000 flyers. We sent out the wrong email. Someone forgot to send out the invoice this month. The list goes on and on and on and on. What we need to reflect on is how we deal with it, especially the way we react.

I’ve worked with a few different types of people, but have really only seen two types of reactions when crisis happens. The first reaction seems like the most common. Cursing. Frustration. Blaming. This is never perceived well. Not by your coworkers, not by your boss, not by your client or partner. The second reaction is very different. It’s calming. It’s deep breaths. It’s owning up to your fault. It doesn’t blame. It’s solution based. It’s removing the emotional element.

The question quickly becomes: How do we get our mentality to shift from a place of frustration to a place of solutions? Because at the end of the day, the problem is happening. Getting frustrated isn’t going to fix anything, but a level-headed, solution-based approach will. Your boss will love you. Your client will love you. Even if the mistake was yours in the first place. When we own up to our mistakes, don’t blame others, and bring a solution to the table, people will calm down around you, and the right moves will be made to alleviate the problem.

As we move forward and try to be better for our coworkers and clients, remember that mistakes are never accounted for when executing a plan, but they certainly need to be embraced when they happen. It all starts with how you react.