So often clients will ask me whether traditional or digital advertising would work better for them. My answer is normally the same: if you have the budget, do both. Traditional and digital advertising both have their own certain benefits, and should have their own goals, but that doesn’t mean they don’t work together to help get your message across. Traditional Advertising (Billboards, Direct Mail, TV, Radio, etc.) is great at reaching both local and national audiences. It still has some of the best methods to reach certain target audiences. But the question you have to ask yourself is, “where are you leading people with your traditional advertising?” Gone are the days when people will pick up a phone and call you to place an order. You have to be leading people to an online (or digital) space if you want to land that sale.

So where should you lead them? I always tell my clients that their digital advertising needs to start with a website. Having a website that is properly maintained and updated is an absolute must. It’s the nucleus of your online presence. Without one, digital advertising becomes obsolete. Once you have a website set up, a website you are proud of, you can begin to advertise digitally. PPC, social media, and retargeting become possible. Email Campaigns to nurture and create an incentive for shopping or working with you can begin to take place. Digital advertising can become a much more personal and focused approach to nurture your customer base.

Both traditional and digital advertising have their place, but in order for traditional advertising to work, you have to have somewhere for your customer to go to learn more about who you are and what you do. That place has to be a website. Gone are the days where you can ignore digital advertising. But you wouldn’t be wise to ignore traditional either.

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