Did you know that if you are considered a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, your organization is qualified to use Facebook’s Fundraising features? You may have not been aware of these tools, but qualified nonprofits may apply for them and use them to enhance their online strategy towards fundraising on Facebook. Two tools that come with these features are the ability to make “Fundraisers” and the “Donate Now” buttons. Here is a breakdown of all the ways you can fundraise through Facebook with these features:

  1. Collect donations when people visit your Facebook Page (via the Page Donate Button)

When you create a Facebook Page for your nonprofit, Facebook allows you to put a call-to-action button just below your cover photo so that anyone navigating to it can see it right away.

  1. Collect donations directly from your Facebook Page posts

You can add a donate button to your Page posts to allow people to donate without leaving Facebook. This tool makes it quick and easy for supporters to donate when they are inspired to give.

  1. Collect donations directly from your Facebook Ads

Running Facebook ads gives you greater visibility to your profile – and as an added bonus, you can collect donations directly from your ads rather than making visitors navigate back to your Page to donate. This call-to-action button option says “Donate”

  1. Collect donations during your Facebook Page live streams

Before going live, tap on the “…” button for more options on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Tap “add donate button” and select a nonprofit. Go live, and the donate button for the nonprofit you selected will be attached to the bottom of your live video, allowing friends or fans to donate directly from the video as they watch or after you post the video to your Page.
People will also be able to see how much money has been raised.

  1. Enable Individual members of your network to ask their friends and family for donations through Facebook Fundraisers

Fundraisers allow individual users on Facebook to raise money for causes directly from their Facebook Profiles. Many people may choose to do so for birthdays. These are not available to Pages to create and run, just individual Profiles, which appear on their profiles and in their Feeds. The resulting campaign page looks just like a peer-to-peer or crowdfunding page, but is completely hosted on Facebook. Note that supporters (verified Profiles and Pages) can also set up matching gifts this way, by pledging to match all gifts that are donated to their personal fundraiser on Facebook.

  1. Collect donations from supporters via their Facebook Fundraiser live streams

Your supporters can do the same thing to raise money for your nonprofit. Once a person has created a fundraiser, they can add the donate button to a live video to allow viewers to donate to their fundraiser.  People can then donate during the live video or from the published recording of the live video.
If you have any concerns about how Facebook handles your fundraiser, head on over to their fundraising and donation help site, where they’ve answered a number of common questions.

  • Be a 501(c)(3) organization registered with the IRS.
  • Have a tax ID number.
  • Have a bank account registered with a licensed financial services institution. Bank account details, including the bank name, bank account holder’s name (organization’s name), and a legible and official bank letter or statement dated within the last 3 months (PDF).
  • The date of birth and address of the charity’s CEO or executive director.

How To Enroll:
  1. Create or update a Page for your organization

When editing your Page info, make sure your Page’s “Category” is set to ‘Nonprofit Organization’ or ‘Charity Organization.’ Your nonprofit’s updated address and email should be included in the ‘About’ section. Your Page must be published and complete with a cover image and description.

  1. Application Process

Make sure you are an ‘Admin’ of the Page and have all the requirements (listed above) available. Head to https://www.facebook.com/donate/signup to fill out the application.

  1. Applications can take anywhere from 2-10 weeks to review

Keep checking your nonprofit’s email (the one used in the application) until you receive an email from Facebook. The email from Facebook will ask you to list out each top-level executive’s name, title and role, and date of birth for verification.

  1. Facebook will (hopefully) accept your application or reach out for any further info needed to process the application.