What is content marketing? How does it differ from advertising? Should content marketing be a part of your marketing mix?

Content marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on spoon-feeding your audience with content they enjoy, engage with, and keep coming back for. Content marketing is all about trying to figure out what your customer is seeking – and providing them with that. This content needs to be personalized, custom-tailored to your customer base. Ideally, this content will build credibility of your company and will help lead to a purchase decision of the customer – keeping your brand in mind.

Advertising is a little bit different. Advertising is all about you and your business. It’s about showing customers why YOU are the best product for them. It’s less curated towards what customers want and more about what they should know about YOU and YOUR brand. While content marketing builds credibility in your company, the advertising reminds them that you exist and that you can offer something of value.

Overall, both content marketing and advertising are incredibly important, and should both be a heavy focus of your marketing mix. Need help implementing any of this? Give us a call, and we can walk you through it.