Campaign Objectives:
  • What is the goal of the campaign?
    • Awareness? In-store traffic? Website traffic? Both?
  • What can the consumer expect when they do business with you? Ease of experience?
  • Do you have specific products or specific offers that will be promoted?
  • How will you track those offers?
  • Who is your competition? How are you different from them?
  • What are your unique selling propositions? Why should someone do business with you?

Audience Profiles:
  • Who is the target demo that we are trying to reach?
    • Gender? Age? Household Income?
  • How far do your customers come from to do business with you?
  • Are there other interests, lifestyle features or audience segments that should be considered?

Communications Efforts:
  • What is your company’s tone and style?

  • What is the budget you have to work within?
  • What is the campaign length you desire?
  • Would the campaign need to be flighted to target specific weeks that match better with your business model?