The “Big Game” held on February, 13th 2022 had nothing short of memorable commercials. Of course, when a company spends $6.5 million on a 30-second ad, it’s safe to assume that they want the production quality and storytelling to be as captivating and memorable as possible!

This past month we have discussed the ways emotional marketing plays a key role in creating engagement with audiences and impacts business. Team C3 selected a handful of their favorite commercials from the Big Game to recap and how they felt emotionally intrigued to that particular commercial. (This analysis is also a great exercise to do when you’re bored getting sucked into any commercial break!)

Frito-Lay, “Flamin’ Hot” for Doritos and Cheetos

Chris said: One of my favorite commercials from the Big Game was the “Push It” Flamin’ Hot Doritos/Cheetos ad. I thought it was a cute ad which used two things that most people love…music and animals. They brought back an old school classic, feel good song “Push It,” with wild animals getting their groove on after snacking on the Flaming Hot Doritos and Cheetos.

Watch the commercial here.

Lay’s, “Golden Memories” with Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen

Alex said: My favorite commercial of the Big Game was the “Golden Memories” commercial for Lay’s original chips. I love commercials that make me laugh and this commercial certainly did more than once. The actors share special memories they’ve had together while sharing some chips between each other. This includes road trips, experiencing high turbulence on a plane,  getting kidnapped by a stalker, and buying a haunted house – each experience getting progressively more ridiculous and hilarious. It was a unique way for Lay’s to express the idea that these chips have always been there for the good and crazy moments in life and will continue to be there. The momentum and energy of the commercial was continuously escalating which matched my love and interest for it. It was fun and light-hearted, just like the Lay’s brand wants us to perceive it.

Watch the commercial here.


Kia, “Robo Dog” for the the all-electric Kia EV6

Melissa said: I’m a sucker for anything that tugs at my heart. Seconds into the KIA EV6 commercial I felt tears welling up in my eyes. I don’t know if it was the sad puppy dog eyes or the sad song TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART. The commercial is about an electric/robot dog in a store that sees a man charging his vehicle and instantly feels a connection. The dog escapes from the store and lets nothing stop him to find the man.

Anna said: I liked the KIA commercial for their new Electric SUV. The commercial featured a robotic puppy that sees the new KIA SUV through a window and falls in love with it. The car drives away, and the puppy chases after it, running through dangerous busy streets and leaping across apartment building rooftops. Eventually, it sees the SUV from the top of an apartment building and jumps down several stories in order to try to “catch” it. The next scene shows the owner of the SUV bringing the robotic dog (who didn’t crash and fall apart) “back to life” by plugging it into the charger he uses to charge his car. The commercial takes you on an emotional rollercoaster, from cuteness overload to thrilling suspense when we see the dog fall, and wraps everything up on a happy, loving note with the dog having found a new owner and driving away with him in the SUV at the end.

Watch the commercial here.

Coinbase, “Bouncing QR Code”

Madelyn said: My favorite Super Bowl commercial was the Coinbase ad. It featured a QR code that slowly bounced on the screen like the DVD logo. It immediately ignited nostalgia in me and the group watching. There was no other info other than the QR code so we were all instantly scrambling to get the code scanned. It also got all of us excited because we were cheering on the QR code to hit the corner of the screen, like that scene in The Office. I thought the ad was so fun, unique and spoke to the buyers of crypto currency well.

Lloyd said: I REALLY loved the Coinbase Superbowl Commercial. The bouncing QR code with minimal noise did exactly what their marketing team set out to do: get people talking. This commercial was so successful that their app crashed due to volume.  When you scanned the bouncing QR code, which was reminiscent of the DVD logo bouncing on your screen when you paused a movie, it took you to a landing page where they announced their promotion: giving away $15M in crypto for new members who sign up before 2/15. Additionally, they were giving $3M to people who entered their “contest” by scanning the QR code.  The reason I loved this commercial so much has so much more to do with its simplicity and its ability to get consumer engagement, but because it sparked my nostalgia. As the commercial was coming to a close, I looked at my buddy on my left and said, “How cool would it be if it hit the corner, like we always wanted it to when we were kids, like it did in that episode of The Office!” and then it did! It hit the corner, and I felt a sense of peace. This commercial was SO simple, but so incredibly effective at what it set out to do.

Watch the commercial here.

Toyota, “The Joneses”

Will said: Keeping up with the Jones’. It was a great play on words with the right cast and the product itself all aligned for the Toyota Tundra. And the twist at the end when they brought on a Jonas Brother (Nick Jonas), completely made you stop and think how he didn’t fit in, but made you chuckle. A good laugh is always memorable. I’m also wanting a new truck so it got my attention right away.

Watch the commercial here.

As you can see, the light-hearted, humorous, and tender commercials have succeeded in gaining our interests and hearts the most. These were our favorite, most memorable commercials of the 2022 Big Game – which one was yours?

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